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dc.contributor.authorLevi-Strauss, Claude-
dc.identifier.citationLEVI-STRAUSS, Claude. As estruturas elementares do parentesco. 7. ed. Petrópolis, RJ: Vozes, 2012. 542 p.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractApresenta a teoria geral dos sistemas de parentescopt_BR
dc.subjectParentesco - Casamentopt_BR
dc.subjectParentesco - Famíliapt_BR
dc.titleAs estruturas elementares do parentescopt_BR
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LEVI-STRAUSS.prefacio da 1-2 ediçao .doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.prefacio da 1-2 ediçao .html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.prefacio da 1-2 ediçao .pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS..cap. I-II. natureza e cultura o problema.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS..cap. I-II. natureza e cultura o problema.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS..cap. I-II. natureza e cultura o problema.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIII.o uniiverso das regras.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIII.o uniiverso das regras.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIII.o uniiverso das regras.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIV.endogamia e exogamia.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIV.endogamia e exogamia.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIV.endogamia e exogamia.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capV.o principio de reciprocidade.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capV.o principio de reciprocidade.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capV.o principio de reciprocidade.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVI.a organizaçao dualista.doc
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120 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
LEVI-STRAUSS.capVI.a organizaçao dualista.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVI.a organizaçao dualista.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVII.a ilusao arcaica.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVII.a ilusao arcaica.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVII.a ilusao arcaica.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVIII.a aliança e a filiaçao.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVIII.a aliança e a filiaçao.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capVIII.a aliança e a filiaçao.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIX.o casamento dos primos.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIX.o casamento dos primos.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capIX.o casamento dos primos.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capX.a troca matrimonial.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capX.a troca matrimonial.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capX.a troca matrimonial.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXI.os sistemas classicos.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXI.os sistemas classicos.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXI.os sistemas classicos.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXII.o sistema murngin.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXII.o sistema murngin.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXII.o sistema murngin.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXIII.regimes harmonicos.doc
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXIII.regimes harmonicos.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXIII.regimes harmonicos.pdf
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXIV.apendice a parte I.doc
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369 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
LEVI-STRAUSS.capXIV.apendice a parte I.html
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LEVI-STRAUSS.capXIV.apendice a parte I.pdf
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